Cold thinking 2011 business enterprises Trade Fair

Shandong Hua Yu Group under the strong support of all sectors of the community

Summer in Weihai, blue sea blue, picturesque scenery, everywhere is a scene full of vigour. In order to build wealth docking platform to showcase the innovation trend of garment and close cooperation between manufacturers to achieve win-win cooperation between business and enterprises, Shandong Huayu Group Co., Ltd. in May 2011 17 - 19 in Weihai Dongshan Hotel held cold thinking 2011 business and trade fair.

Over the years, Shandong Huayu group under the strong support of the community, unite as one, pioneering and innovative, to create a clothing brand, promote industry development as their responsibility, to innovation, quality, service, the credibility of the principle, strive to build cold thinking China famous brand image, has established an important position in the overall pattern of the plume cashmere clothing development.

Holzer 2011 business and Trade Fair has attracted from all over the country nearly two hundred well-known shopping malls and individual dealers on behalf of. "Cold thinking hand in hand, cooperation and win-win", as the theme of this meeting, always implement the trade fair in the beginning. The meeting, the famous programs support the man on the spot to mobilize, speakers wonderful, beautiful catwalk shows, cold thinking 2011 fashion trends released, to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere. After the meeting, also organized a six day tour of South korea.

At present, our country is facing the economic situation is very grim. The international financial crisis continues to spread, we will highlight the impact of the international financial crisis continues to deepen, the global economic growth is slowing down the pressure. China's market economic environment has deteriorated to the down clothing industry has a great impact. In the face of severe economic situation and market challenges, Shandong Hua Yu Group timely adjustment strategy, joint distribution channels, active and active, to meet the difficulties, mutual exchanges, close communication, sincere cooperation, create business opportunities and jointly explore the development trend of down clothing industry.

At the meeting, business and business interaction, in-depth discussion and communication, manufacturers have made a number of consensus, reached a number of framework cooperation agreement, and in-depth discussion to seek more broad areas of cooperation, with a view to complement each other, hand in hand development, cooperation and win-win.

Shandong Huayu group will be in the trade negotiations as an opportunity, unify their thinking, strengthen confidence, continue to grasp the spirit of innovation to technology and innovation as the core, to channel construction as the foundation; to brand management as a means, to service resources to rely on, forge ahead, enthusiastic, and actively promote the undertakings to a new level, and the social from all walks of life walk hand in hand together to create a better future.

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Shandong Hua Yu Group Co., Ltd.'s cold thinking brand clothing products, by the China down industry
Shandong Hua Yu Group under the strong support of all sectors of the community
September 2015, access to occupational health and safety management system
September 2015, access to SA8000 social responsibility management system
Cold thinking brand down jacket was awarded the 2013 -2014 year, the most popular brand award
Became the sixth member of the China Garment Association member units.
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